The decor of the modern pizzeria focuses on the essentials: in a style that seems simple and not very busy, it is necessary to show the utmost attention to detail.

On the contrary, the vintage pizzeria furniture rediscovers historical relics that give the environment an ancient and sometimes romantic flavour. Even in this style is essential to enhance the detail to give character to the environment.

The furniture for the rustic pizzeria is accompanied by the warmth of wood and simplicity understood as poor art. Enriching with details in this style means adding objects to the workings.

La Casa Della Farina offers a complete service that offers different ideas, from the furnishing of the pizzeria to the drafting of the business plan. To create a successful business it is necessary to be able to entice future customers by creating a pleasant, stimulating and efficient environment, as well as defining a winning strategy that takes into account all the main aspects of the business.

Pizzeria furnishing ideas: Modern, vintage or rustic?

In order to find the perfect furniture, it is important to be able to create a common thread between the dishes proposed and the environment in which they are served.

Vintage Pizzeria Furnishing

The furnishings of the vintage pizzeria reflect the image of a pizza chef deeply linked to tradition and simple dishes.

Revised and modernised antiques recreate the warmth of this style.

Sitting in similar wooden chairs, exposed brick walls, dark colours and dated prints on the walls remind the furnishings of the vintage pizzeria of its indissoluble bond with tradition.

Depending on the location in the area, it is necessary to be able to insert ancient elements closely linked to the surrounding environment, to fully respect the tradition. That’s why interior designers often turn to antique markets to find elements capable of emphasizing the style of the room.

Modern Pizzeria Furnishing

The furniture for the modern pizzeria conveys a futuristic idea and defined by simple and linear elements.

The importance of colours takes a back seat. Furnishing for the modern pizzeria, in fact, perfectly combines both bright colours and more delicate colours, what is essential to respect is the regularity of the furnishing components and the essentiality.

Light is of primary importance because the environment, to be defined as modern, needs strong lighting. Just as the furnishing components must transmit linearity of use, the table linen and crockery must also reflect the style: modern is synonymous with simple.

Rustic pizzeria furnishings

Recreating a rustic pizzeria decor means paying attention to tradition with an eye to the future.

Since it is easy to apply the solution, being able to create rustic pizzeria furniture is also a wise choice and especially for the undecided.

The furniture elements that best reflect this style of furniture are soft colours, natural materials and furniture components created by hand and useful for processing.

The perfect furniture for a takeaway pizzeria

Focus on the essentials. This is what a takeaway pizzeria needs to be furnished with.

Generally, such activities are located in confined spaces and at the same time require a rather high working speed.

In order to optimise the space and be able to work in a suitable environment, it is necessary to have a spacious workbench that is not too far from the oven. This is because to save time, the pizza maker must have enough space to move and at the same time a context that favours the speed of action.

Alongside the absolute protagonist, the oven plays a secondary role. Wood-fired or electric, it is one of the indispensable elements for furnishing a take-away pizzeria and more.

In the environment it is useful to recreate a small refreshment area that allows customers to wait for the pizzas to be baked and, at the same time, it is necessary to dedicate a wall (or part of it) to the list of proposed pizzas, trying to position the menu in a strategic way: the customer must be attracted by the products listed so as to facilitate the choice of the most undecided.

Pizzeria and more

Especially in the last period, we are living a phase in which complementary activities blend perfectly within the same environment.

In order to be perfect, the ideas for furnishing the pizzeria must be able to respond to different requests.

If you integrate an existing activity you can choose to renew all the furniture or adapt the second activity with the previous one. When, for example, the bakery also offers its customers a pizza by the cut, the opportunity to create a unique space and at the same time linked to the counter for the sale of bread becomes an obvious need.

The preference for a precise style of furnishing is fundamental to create an aesthetic bond capable of capturing our attention.

The ideas for the furnishing of the pizzeria must be complementary to the environment in which the activity is inserted. The task of the interior designer is to create a unique corner that does not seem out of place but that emphasizes and enhances the importance of the new product, without diminishing the attention to the primary activity.

I choose the professional

Attending a course for a pizza chef is the first step to realize the dream of opening a pizzeria, but there is not only this. In order to make your desire tangible and to be able to create a successful business, it is, in fact, essential to address several aspects that go beyond the preparation of food.

Relying on professionals in the field, choosing La Casa Della Farina, is a winning solution capable of turning the dream into reality. To relate with customers and welcome them in a comfortable and functional environment you need to study the environment and draw up a business plan, in which in addition to some ideas for the furnishing of the pizzeria will also include the machinery needed to start the business, as well as the strategic choices and objectives to be achieved.

To learn more about the fundamental steps and to start touching the dream of opening a pizzeria, take-away or cut, contact the staff of La Casa Della Farina. A trained and highly competent reality, able to guide you at best in all the steps to start your new business.

You will meet prepared people, able to offer you a service that will accompany you even after the initial stages, to help you achieve success!

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