Cider chicken cider stew with apple and cranberries, family recipe

Sometimes we get excited with the dishes that remind us of the family, especially those that bring the scent to the grandparents’ house. Today I wanted to make one of those recipes, a chicken cider stew with apple and cranberries, a family recipe that I like to share with you, so you can enjoy it and incorporate it into your repertoire of traditional dishes and thus perpetuate in the time.

To do it you need to buy a good poultry chicken, one of those yellow ones fed with corn that cost a little more expensive, but whose flavor you will never forget. In addition, we will use easy-to-get ingredients such as apple, carrot, leek or cranberry raisins and a bottle of natural Asturias cider, of the spice.


For 2 persons
  • Chopped Poultry Chicken1
  • Leek1
  • Carrot4
  • Apples2
  • Apple Cider Bottle1
  • Dried cranberries or raisins
  • Chicken broth500 ml

How to make chicken cider stew with apple and cranberries

Difficulty: Medium
  • Total time45 m
  • Elaboration15 m
  • 30 cooking

We begin by preparing the bottom or base of our stew, a sauce that we simmer with the leek, carrots, and green pepper all cut into pieces. While cooking, we clean the chicken pieces and cut them into slices of our liking.

As soon as the bottom is done, we add the slices, mix well and let them brown on the outside. Then add a peeled apple and chopped into wedges, half a liter of bird broth and half a bottle of Asturias natural cider. Let it simmer for 35 minutes.

When there are five minutes left, we try to rectify salt, and we start with the garnish. Saute the other apple also cut into wedges until golden brown and add the blueberry raisins that we will have left in hot water to dehydrate them.

We add a glass of cider to the pan, let it evaporate while it binds a little and ready to take it to the table. If you have a large fountain, you can put the garnish of apples and cranberries on the edge and in the center the chicken slices and carrots forming a kind of mountain. The sauce left in the pan is crushed, passed through the strainer and served separately.

With what to accompany the cider chicken stew with apple and cranberries

To taste this cider chicken stew with apple and cranberries, you need only time and relaxation. Turn off your mobile, break bread and enjoy this familiar recipe with the five senses. You will see a difference…

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