Is opening a pizzeria your dream in the drawer?

Follow the instructions and you will be able to fulfil your wish and find yourself behind a counter in no time!

You towards the opening of your pizzeria, advising you not only on the most suitable location but also on current regulations and compulsory courses.

Leaning on means directing your attention towards the realization of the dream and leaving out all the bureaucratic chores that risk making you give up.

Focus your ideas on the type of pizza you like, everything else will be only secondary.

By the cut, Neapolitan, classic or fried? What a dilemma!

Realize your dream of becoming a professional pizza maker by specializing in a particular technique such as Freestyle, or the choice to use sourdough and develop your business!

Having as a starting point a diploma of hotel school would be optimal, but if not, you can participate in specific courses designed ad hoc that will allow you to open your pizzeria.

Maybe you’ll be able to get the prize for the best pizza maker! Or maybe this will be the next step of your dream.

Start with the course, if you don’t have a title yet and let us advise you.

Are you an employee and can’t wait to make the breakthrough and become your entrepreneur? We can help you whatever your starting situation is because it is composed of a team of professionals ready to solve any problem in the food sector.

The choice of the type of pizzeria, rather than the need to have certain machines can be a problem of considerable importance. If on the one hand, you focus on the considerable economic outlay, on the other hand, you are afraid of the wrong strategy and fail miserably.

Among the services offered you can take advantage of industry experts who will help you to draw up a business plan and set up winning strategies!

The House of Flour will also help you in the phase after the opening, following you in every step especially in the first period, when the tasks may create some excitement, then will allow you to participate in refresher courses that will help you to keep up with both the current regulations in the field of hygiene and health, both in the industry by proposing any new processes.

Tomatoes and paperwork

Becoming a food entrepreneur means complying with strict rules that do not overlook any details.

That’s why, especially if you’re at your first work experience, it’s easier to achieve your goals if recommended the right way.

Before you can raise the shutter of your room you must have fulfilled several obligations.

Math teaches you that before day 1 you have to live on day 0!

The documents that you will have to provide are the certificates to the compulsory courses: the HCCP, the regularity of the premises, the compliance for the Fire Brigade, the possible name of your business as the name of fantasy rather than the documents necessary to establish (where it was not already) the company.

Through the consultants, you will be able to obtain the VAT number that will help them to conclude the necessary practices.

It will be the consultants to whom you have entrusted the task to prepare the model Communicate through which you inform the entities, which: Revenue Agency, Inps, Email, and the municipality where the activity will be carried out that at the address indicated on the date set will start a commercial activity of pizzeria.

You will only have to take care of the minimum necessary to avoid making futile mistakes that only risk wasting your time and moving away from your dream of becoming a pizza chef!

Find the perfect place, start imagining yourself with an apron and hat and continue daydreaming, it’s just a matter of time away!

Condiments. Your strength!

The first days of activity will be hectic and tiring, the enthusiasm to touch the substance of your dream will be the gasoline that will make you prepare batters, choose pizzas and prepare the counter.

We will help you with the choice of ingredients by providing you with the best suppliers on the market.

Combining first choice raw materials with functional machinery is the winning formula to make you a successful entrepreneur.

Baking and kneading have fundamental roles in the creation of pizza, the same attention must be directed towards the choice of seasonings.

Finding the typical pizza by combining the culinary tradition is the result of research and deepening of the territory, this is also exposed in the business plan.

Having a group of professionals at your disposal to help you bring to light your dream of a drawer is an interesting opportunity to take a big step such as becoming an entrepreneur in the food sector.

With the refresher courses, you will be able to keep up with the times, not only about new fashions and the tastes of customers but also concerning the health and hygiene regulations in the area, which are constantly evolving.

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