Opening a bakery in franchising supporting the methodology is a good compromise to develop a winning strategy and be able to devote time to the quality of the product offered.

The course of baking with ancient grains is the top of the package because it tells the story of the ear and at the same time teaches how to use it, in this way you avoid losing part of the nutrients contained in the food.

The usual notes: Gentil Rosso, wheat Solina and wheat Verna

Among the most famous ancient grains, we remember the Gentil Rosso, the Solina wheat and the Verna wheat.

Present in the territory in different places, they owe their belonging to the family of ancient grains for the method of grinding: exclusively stone.

Gentil Rosso: common denominator between Tuscany, Emilia and Veneto

Gentil Rosso is an ancient grain that belongs to the category of weak flours due to its low gluten content, but at the same time guarantees a good protein intake, a peculiarity that is present in all ancient grains.

Stone grinding is a source of distinction to differentiate an ancient grain from a modern one, this process allows the maintenance of nutrients and a reference to the tradition typical of craftsmanship.

The Gentil Rosso is a type of ancient grain suitable for products without construction, ie for example, for piadine or items that do not require a strong and resistant structure capable of exploding during cooking, this feature is due to the lack of gluten.

Solina wheat: the fruit of Abruzzo’s soils

The Solina wheat is an ancient variety of wheat defined as resistant, thanks to its structure can withstand cold temperatures and snow, for this reason, it is sown in autumn and then allow the harvest in full summer season.

The cultivation is quite long, this is because the wheat Solina lends itself to crops on soils difficult to reach as the hilly areas of Abruzzo, the land must be enriched and for this reason, it is necessary to alternate the cultivation of wheat Solina with corn or potatoes.

Solina wheat is very resistant and fully reflects the characteristics of ancient grains: low gluten level and good protein level, even tenacity is an important peculiarity to consider, allowing the ear to become an ancient grain of all respect.

The flour obtained from Solina wheat is a full-bodied solution that gives the bread a fragrant and full-bodied note, suitable for imposing preparations and for the preparation of sourdough thanks to its slow growth.

Also, Solina wheat is perfect in pastry, ideal for shortcrust pastry can bind well with the other ingredients.

Verna Wheat: the true Tuscan tradition

Among the ancient grains, Verna wheat is the one that includes the highest percentage of gluten, excellent for those suffering from some food intolerances is not recommended for those suffering from acute celiac disease, although the presence of gluten is not far from 12%.

The biodiversity of the ancient grains, and in particular of the Verna wheat, allows in the growth phase, to keep at distance parasites and weeds, in this way the genuineness of the product is guaranteed, that’s why it is often said that the ancient wheat is – also – organic.

Verna wheat is perfect for products that require medium-long processing periods since the body of the flour needs time to bind to perfection.

The baker must amaze

The passion that the baker mixes in the creation of bread are directly proportional to the notions learned during baking with ancient grains.

Learning the theory, knowing the reactions of the dough according to the temperatures, following the due precautions in case of exceptional events – the breaking of the oven, could be an example – to avoid that the dough and the work done ruin the sale is the first notions that are taught during the course and not only.

While the attention and care to be put into play when dealing with first choice ingredients must be at the highest levels, on the other hand, learning to deal with certain raw materials requires a lot of malice.

Opening a bakery in franchising can be an added value to take advantage of the experience of master bakers recognized and good level, who joined new entrepreneurs in the field will help them to build a successful and innovative shop.

The baker is an important figure in the economic life of each of us, enter a bakery and feel the smell of bread will entice us to buy it, devote attention to the care of the product is the first step, then you can define the furniture that must be a perfect frame.

The requirements for opening a bakery range from compliance with hygiene and health standards to the production of organic and 0 km products.

Depending on whether you prefer to open a bakery with a wood-fired oven rather than a classic methane oven, you will need different training.

Choose to open a bakery in franchising to avoid bureaucratic inconveniences and be able to take advantage of the notions of the gurus of the sector that will accompany you in the realization of your project.

Learning the peculiarities of ancient wheat is of fundamental importance to emerging from the mass. In this way, you will have the opportunity to achieve your goals, also supported by the business plan designed specifically for you by experts in the field, to build your winning structure.

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