Counter, oven, flour and tomato. What’s missing?

Choosing to open a takeaway pizzeria is the first step to learn the trade and start practising with efficient and quick services. It is advisable to start from a small reality, which commits a limited capital, with the prospect of gaining experience and grow over time.

Dream big, but start from the small

Opening a pizzeria to cut or take away has the advantage of not having the same costs of running a restaurant. At the same time, it allows the new entrepreneur to measure himself against the market and know his weaknesses.

Join a franchise to open a pizzeria to take away or cut. A wise choice.

The positive notes of joining a franchise to open a takeaway pizzeria are numerous.

Choose the franchise if:

  • You want to take advantage of a brand already known on the market and focus on other focuses;
  • You want to learn from those who have already passed your status and have a guide that helps you step by step;
  • You want to follow a marketing strategy defined in the business plan phase by experts in the field;
  • You want to have technical and professional support ranging from the choice of machinery to refresher courses to keep up with the market

La Casa Della Farina is a company in Milan that offers a specific path for those who choose to realize the dream of opening a pizzeria for cutting.

The franchising offers the possibility to be constantly helped and allows to solve any doubts in real-time.

The tricks of the trade. How do you use the ingredients?

To make pizza you need water, oil, salt, flour and yeast. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

To make a good pizza you need the same ingredients and much more.

First, you need to know how to use raw materials. Knowing and carefully selecting the ingredients is the first step to create a quality product, especially when you try to enter a sector that is apparently saturated.


Among the fundamental ingredients for a good pizza is the choice of yeast.

Opening a pizzeria for cutting by focusing attention on the type of yeast used could be a good idea to carve out a specific target of customers.

Mother yeast gives the pizza dough a unique and recognizable sour taste and adapts perfectly with ingredients with strong flavours. The fragrance of pizza with sourdough will be more intense and full-bodied.

Brewer’s yeast, on the other hand, makes the product lighter and more digestible. The preference for this ingredient allows you to focus attention on other details.

Unlike sourdough, brewer’s yeast allows for faster processing and rising.


When is salt added? Among the tricks of the trade, the addition of ingredients is essential to allow the pasta to grow at its best. In this way, the final product will be considered excellent.

Salt must be added to the flour at the beginning of processing if weak flour is preferred. If, on the other hand, your preference has changed to using strong flour, then it is a good idea to add salt at the end of the processing of the “solids”. This will help the glutinous mesh to build at its best.


There are different types of flour on the market.

Weak flour is generally more widely used. It is defined as such because during the process of processing the grain is “cleaned” while also removing minerals and vitamins. It is the most widely used flour, despite being poor in nutrients.

Strong flour, on the other hand, allows a better result thanks to its high capacity to retain carbon dioxide during processing.

The choice of mixing the two flours will make the product excellent on the palate and rich in nutrients.

Wood-fired or electric oven?

Besides the choice of first quality ingredients, it is necessary to consider cooking.

The dream of opening a take-away pizzeria is related to the preference of a wood-burning oven. This does not mean that the electric oven cannot hide good qualities. The important thing is to know the best tool you have and act accordingly.

To open a pizzeria for cutting or take-away, it is necessary to deal with a series of bureaucratic formalities. Among these is the verification of the possibility of using a wood-fired or electric oven in the space available.

The differences between cooking in a wood-fired or electric oven are enormous. With the first one, the pizza will be soft, with an inimitable flavour. With the latter, you will get a crispy and tasty dough.

Knowing all the necessary requirements to open a pizzeria when it is cut is the first step to making a dream come true.

The beginning of the year is the ideal time to think about good intentions and fine-tune the details.

Relying on the House of Flour you will know all the requirements necessary to open a business and understand how to move to realize the dream of opening a pizzeria to cut or take away.

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