Learning to recognize a genuine food is synonymous with health care and not only, that’s why preferring an organic product to a commercial one is a wise choice when it comes to protecting – also – our health.

Organic is better. Much better. That’s why.

The relationship of trust that is established between “the lady of the shop on the corner” and her customer has something special.

Opening an organic bakery is a conscious choice that emphasizes the interest and attention to genuine products of our land.

The widespread idea is that the organic product has an exorbitant cost only for labelling and does not respect the right market value, but very often the reality is that the organic product has a higher cost than the commercial surrogate, but the difference in price is due to several factors.

Among these, there is respect for the times of nature, no forcing in the growth and consequently the maintenance of all the nutrients contained in the raw materials.

This is why opening an organic bakery could initially frighten the future baker because of the lack of respect for competitive prices, but in the long run, differentiating and focusing attention on genuine products will be the right strategy to emerge and create a satisfied customer base.

The same strategy can be applied if you choose to open an organic pastry shop, also, in this case, the attention to detail, to the origin and the care given to the raw material must be meticulous and more specific, customers will be attracted by the almost maniacal care devoted to the choice of raw materials and will repay you by choosing to become loyal customers.

The shop at km 0 respects the environment and the customer

Contact the shop below the house and be sure that the product that we will put on the table is genuine is a caution not to be underestimated if we want to pay attention to our health.

Opening a small pastry shop and transmitting the idea that organic is better could be the winning move to explode our business and gratify the ego of those behind the counter not only on a monetary level.

Preferring organic products and 0 km means keeping alive the activities in our area and encouraging the optimization of production at the artisan level means handing down from generation to generation the techniques of manual processing.

Even the ethical option has its importance, choose to open an organic pastry shop as well as open an organic bakery means to do a selective search for ingredients and prefer everything natural avoiding chemical contamination or unnatural treatments in full respect of the environment that hosts us.

Opening an organic pastry shop: the best doughnuts in the world

Organic products contain a greater amount of nutrients, thanks to the fact that they are not treated and impoverished by chemical procedures, can give more authentic flavours and in some cases more full-bodied.

Opening a small confectionery workshop and producing a few well-researched products is an excellent solution if the experienced confectioner chooses to devote himself, also, to a specific niche of customers.

During the realization of the business plan, the Casa Della Farina proceeds to the study of the territory to help the future entrepreneur in the choice of products to be displayed in the shop window.

If, for example, you want to open an organic artisan pastry shop and you find a place near a school, then the choice of products should be focused on genuine food first of all and easy to transport, thinking of the snack of the children rather than the prize for having achieved a goal.

The customer needs to be pampered and only with a study of the territory and the possible target can you achieve satisfactory goals.

The pastry chef will be accompanied in this process by the dedicated team of ‘La Casa Della Farina that with specific courses will take care to keep the entrepreneur updated and teach new techniques to keep up with the times without betraying the biological ideal.

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