You will find out how much it costs, what it takes to make your dream come true and what factors must necessarily be considered.

It is well known that pizza is one of the symbols of Italian excellence in the world.

For those who appreciate its qualities, it could also be an interesting opportunity to develop a solid and lasting business. The first of the requirements to open a pizzeria is to have a clear and well-defined project, a great willingness to the initiative and the desire to learn all the secrets of this ancient art.

The steps and requirements to open a successful pizzeria

Choosing to open a pizzeria necessarily means dealing with the current market of the city chosen for the project. You must study the pizzerias already active in the area of interest and the proposed formula. Studying competitors in the area does not mean copying the activities of others but getting in line with the market while keeping an eye on the budget to be allocated.

Another step to develop your idea is to decide what to open in relation to the area and the budget available. You can choose if:

  • Open a takeaway pizzeria
  • Focus on a classic room with table service
  • Create a restaurant-pizzeria with other specialities in the menu

It should be borne in mind that each type of pizzeria is correlated to the needs of different spaces and a target of different customers. If the intention is to open a pizzeria, it is essential to have an area suitable to accommodate laboratory and sales counter. It is not necessary to have a large room to accommodate tables.

In case you want to start a traditional pizzeria you have to study the room with the most advantageous rent and consider other costs. Among the costs to be incurred: staff for table service, one or two rooms for customers, a large kitchen and a service area with the classic bar counter and cash desk.

Choosing the type of product to be administered is another basic step to open a pizzeria. The ideal would be to always have the budget for the wood-burning oven closest to the Italian tradition. It should be remembered that before installing a wood-burning oven it is necessary to request a specific inspection of the room by the Fire Brigade.

The alternative in many pizzerias is the choice of a professional electric oven, used for other preparations and cheaper.

What does it take to open a pizzeria when it’s cut?

We will explain point by point what it takes to open a pizzeria for cutting in the current panorama.

Qualified personnel must be provided with a laboratory with a.:

  • A spiral kneading machine
  • A marble counter for the artisan processing of pasta
  • Two refrigerated cabinets or a small cold room
  • A professional freezer.

Whether it’s a traditional pizzeria or take-away, you’ll need the usual catering equipment: utensils, steel cabinets and tables.

Furnishing in this type of activity is limited only to the display and sales counter, the refrigerator for drinks and a showcase to present the goods. If you do not know what it takes to open a pizzeria cut you can contact us at Casa Della Farina in Milan: specialized in consulting on furniture, bureaucracy, training.

What do you need to open a take-away pizzeria?

The procedure for opening a takeaway pizzeria is very similar to the opening of any commercial activity. The speed of the company varies even if you are taking over a local already started or not. In the first case, most of the bureaucratic disputes will be dealt with by the previous owner.

If, on the other hand, you intend to open a take-away pizzeria from scratch, you will have to follow the compulsory route by applying for authorisations from the relevant municipality.

In a second moment, you will have to contact the ASL for the issue of the certificate of conformity to the hygienic-sanitary regulations and obtain the HACCP certification. These documents are necessary for all operators involved in the preparation and sale of food and drink.

If you want to open a takeaway pizzeria you must register with the Chamber of Commerce, Email and Inps and then also open a VAT number.

The person in charge is not required to possess relevant qualification and is free to hire an experienced pizza chef at will.

Looking at the more practical aspects to open a take-away pizzeria is good that your room is furnished with taste and that differs. It must convey a sense of order and cleanliness, appear unique. Although it is not mandatory for this type of activity, we recommend that you create seats so that the place becomes a place of aggregation recognized.

Having a place with simple stools will allow customers to eat slices of steaming pizza seated and return with pleasure.

Open a pizzeria to cut or take away with La Casa Della Farina

The Casa Della Farina in Milan can assist you in the design of your business.

Our core business is in fact to help those who, like you, want to start a business of this type. In the start-up phase, management of the activity, we will take care of licenses, authorizations, equipment and staff training.

Any problem will be followed by our professionals and together we will create an attractive place, where you can find quality raw materials, skills, professionalism and anything else you need to turn it into a success!

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