Spatter of legumes with crab sticks. Quick and easy recipe

We have written many times about legumes and we always emphasize how healthy and nutritious they are. We do not get tired of shouting their benefits or sharing recipes with you like Carilla beans with spicy octopus or yellow lentils with sepia and vegetables. Today we are going to increase the repertoire with a new recipe: spatter of legumes with crab sticks.

It is a very quick dish to prepare because we use cooked legumes and this saves us a lot of preparation time. Its difficulty is zero, there is nothing more than a few ingredients, mix them all and season with a vinaigrette. Unless a rooster sings you will have before you a rich spatter of legumes with crab sticks with which to solve a family meal.


For 4 people
  • Cooked canned beans (white)150 g
  • Cooked lentils150 g
  • Cooked chickpeas canned150 g
  • Tomato0.5
  • Egg2
  • Crab Sticks10
  • 20 onion
  • Red pepper40 g
  • Green pepper40 g
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 10 apple cider vinegar
  • Dijon mustardg
  • Ketchup10 g
  • Salt

How to make spatter of legumes with crab sticks

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time30 m
  • Elaboration18 m
  • 12 cooking

We place the legumes in a drainer and wash them well under a stream of cold water until there are no remnants of canned liquid. Let drain thoroughly and dry with absorbent paper. We cut the tomato half into small dice, discarding the seeds and the juice that can be released (we don’t want it to be watery).

Cook the eggs in plenty of water with a dash of vinegar for 10-12 minutes. Cool and let cool in a bowl of cold water. Peel and reserve until the time to place. Chop the crab sticks into small pieces, as well as the onion and the two types of pepper. We incorporate them into legumes along with tomato dice. Season lightly.

We prepare a vinaigrette with which to season the spatter. To do this in a small bowl we mix the oil together with the vinegar, mustard, ketchup and a pinch of salt. Beat until emulsified. We serve the spatter with a dash of vinaigrette on top and decorated with the hard-cut egg in quarters and some fresh parsley.

With what to accompany the spatter of legumes with crab sticks

This spatter of legumes with crab sticks is a different way to enjoy such nutritious foods. It is a very tasty and satiating dish, so it is better to consume it at mealtime and as a single dish. On hot days we can take it fresh, from the fridge, but it is also delicious if we give it a light microwave punch and eat it warm.

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