This is the artisan tomato boat that has fascinated great chefs and that can now reach your table

During the celebrations of the Fair of the Mistela and Los Palacios Gastronomic Destination, I was able to discover the fried tomato of the company Tierra Palaciega, being fascinated by its quality, texture, and flavor. This is the artisan tomato boat that has fascinated great chefs and can now reach your table. To learn more about this fried tomato, I have come to know its facilities and see the process of making its artisan fried tomato, which follows the guidelines of the other products sold by this brand.

Three ingredients such as Los Palacios tomato, green peppers, and onions, are perfectly combined by the workers of Tierra Palaciega, to make a tomato sauce that has conquered the most knowledgeable palates, starting from a Sevillian population, and entering the Club del Gourmet establishments of El Corte Inglés and in the kitchens of some of the best restaurants in our country.

The tomato frying from Tierra Palaciega

It is known by all, especially in Andalusia, that the tomatoes of Los Palacios have a high quality, in all its varieties. In addition to tasty, fleshy, thin skin and a lot of flavors, they are perfect both for eating raw in salads and for cooking and making tomato sauces, pistols, and other preparations.

In this Sevillian town, Los Palacios and Villafranca, a very simple and very tasty fried tomato sauce recipe, the recipe for tomato fritá or Andalusian frying, is prepared in a traditional way. A few years ago, captained by Rafa of the restaurant La Pachanga, they got the Guinness record for the biggest tomato fry in the world, getting a fry of 6,662 kilos, which they cooked for seven hours to give it the perfect point.

Taking into account this Sevillian tomato culture, and its traditional elaborations, the company Tierra Palaciega emerged, with the aim of making the best recipe for fried tomato sauce or tomato fritá. For me, in this family and artisanal company, the one that in my opinion is the best-fried tomato that can be obtained in our country, leaving aside the homemade fried tomato recipes that you make each one in your house.

The traditional recipe for this tomato frit made by hand by the company Tierra Palaciega in Los Palacios y Villafranca, is the result of the illusion of an engineer with culinary concerns, who after completing his studies, decided to join his passion for cooking, his knowledge agricultural and academic training, to develop their gourmet products in this family business that began with the recipe of his own grandmother.

As the brand representatives told us, such is its quality that even Martín Berasategui and David de Jorge came to know the facilities and the process of making this fritá. After testing it and seeing it in situ, they were even allowed to recommend to the producers that they lower the amount of oil in their formula a little so that it would be healthier for nutritional purposes, and thus they arrived at the composition that they currently have, a delicious sauce in its exact point of acidity, texture, and flavor.

The original recipe with which they started in Tierra Palaciega was that of the founder’s grandmother

One of the secrets of this fried tomato is that it is made with ripened tomatoes in the plant, unlike other products that use tomatoes that are picked at mid-ripening and that end up being very red in chambers or refrigerators. They, being producers, go from slaughter to production in a very short time. Of course, it is also made with 100% extra virgin olive oil.

The artisan tomato they make is very very thick since it is reduced to the maximum by evaporating its water content and getting a perfect texture. It is so concentrated and dense that with one or two tablespoons of this tomato and a little water or broth, we get a tomato similar to that of other brands so it spreads a lot as a base to make stir-fry, sauces, and stews or as a base to prepare a Good recipe for authentic Bolognese sauce .

The process is peculiar because to make your tomato fry, those of Tierra Palaciega start by chopping tomatoes, peppers and onions, crushing everything and then frying it for hours over low heat until you get a perfect tomato. Other factories that I know first fry or then crush as we usually do in homemade recipes in our domestic kitchens.

Once the tomato has been prepared and the sanitary and quality and taste controls have been passed, the employees proceed to the packaging of the freshly cooked sauces in the glass jars, which once closed by hand, pass to the autoclave for its hermetic closing and completion process.

The recipe of the tomato fry from Tierra Palaciega only contains natural ingredients, and does not contain artificial additives or preservatives, so within its range, it is a unique, natural and handmade product that surprises since the bottle is opened and See its texture and we get its homemade aroma.

The fried tomato sauce is made over low heat in an artisanal way, without artificial preservatives or additives.

The fried tomato is handcrafted over low heat, using a cooking time of three hours to three and a half hours, achieving a slow and adequate reduction of tomatoes and other vegetables. Keep in mind that to obtain a jar of 365 g of fried tomato, use 1,350g of ripe natural tomato … reducing until you get a thick and tasty sauce.

With the touch of Berasategui that recommended lowering the proportion of oil to stay lighter and experience reducing the tomato to get this thick sauce, the success of the recipe of fried artisan tomato of this company has been multiplying every year, like than its production

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