Traditional Onion Veal Sausage Recipe

The stilt, Jarre or black pudding is a piece of veal that can be cooked in many ways. If a few weeks ago I taught you how to make the black pudding in tacos, stewed in tomato, today I have prepared a classic, the recipe for onion sausage, which is impressively good.

The sauce with its intense onion and meat flavor, sweet and tender after long cooking, are combined in this recipe for the maximum enjoyment of diners. Do not stop preparing it because you will not forget this dish, I assure you.


For 5 people
  • Blood sausagekg
  • Purple onion cut in julienne3
  • Sherry wine200 ml
  • Meat broth400 ml
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste

How to make homemade and traditional onion sausage

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total timeh 15 m
  • Elaboration15 m
  • 3-hour cooking

To make this recipe we are going to use a cast iron or cocotte casserole since we are interested in the high temperature that it gets inside as well as the maintained boil that is obtained by covering it and putting the fire to a minimum during cooking. Otherwise, you can use an express pot but without using pressure.

We start browning the surface of the blood sausage so that it has a beautiful color on the outside and to begin to add flavor to the oil in which we will then cook the onions. While the blood sausage is browned, chop the onions in fine julienne. Once the meat is ready, we remove it and reserve.

In the oil of browning the blood sausage and a little more to be added, we put the onions, adding a little salt and lowering the heat so that they are done slowly without burning. We leave them until their sugars begin to change their color from purple to golden. Then we reintegrate the meat and add the Jerez wine and after a couple of minutes the meat broth.

Cover the cocotte and let it cook for 3 hours with the fire to a minimum, turning the piece every half hour and preventing it from clinging to the bottom. After that time, the meat will be tender, sweet, and will seem to fall apart, and the sauce will have an intense and unforgettable taste.

With what to accompany the onion sausage

This recipe for onion sausage is ideal as a unique dish since it usually takes a lot of bread for the great quality of the sauce and it is also a satiating dish. You can accompany it with a garnish of white rice or serve it with salad, to degrease.

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